Robert's Exclusive Cars (REC)

REC is a Los Santos-based car dealership for exclusive cars. We take pride in offering sports cars, supercars and luxury cars to our upper-scale clientelle. Our dealership deals solely with high-end vehicles. We sell new and used exclusive cars from our Los Santos showroom. We also offer special import of sports and luxury vehicles, if the customer desires something specific that we do not currently have in stock.


(( REC is now Dinoco Exotics, please click here to see the forum page. ))


Visit our showroom to look at our cars and talk with our professional and experienced sales personell. We are located in Market, Los Santos. You'll find us near All Saints Hospital, by the St. Lawrence and Pasadena intersection, just north-east of Verona Mall.



Robert's Exclusive Cars was founded by and named after the famous Los Santos businessman Robert Mondini. It was one of Los Santos' first high-end car dealerships. The company was part of Best & Mondini Incorporated (B&M). REC became a part of JGC when JGC Industries, Starks Enterprises and Best & Mondini merged in July 2015. REC remains as the oldest luxury car dealership in Los Santos, with its extensive experience in high-end cars. Today REC is managed by C.E.O. Richard Hawkins and owned by JGC.