Welcome to the oldest active security contractor in the state of San Andreas!

And a little bit about our HISTORY:

The company has officially started operations under the name of Merryweather Security Consulting on the 17th December, 2014 with a capital of a bit over twelve thousand. It has carried out a few small-time contracts before being hired by one of the mayor candidates. On January 11th, 2015 the company has earned enough to have its own independant office at Rodeo. After that, more and more contracts, along with employees, came in the company.

On January 25th, a party at which Merryweather was contracted, was ruined by a possible Improvised Explosive Device (IED) threat. MSC calmly evacuated the guests before SWAT and ERT operatives came in to secure the venue. Jacob Goldsmith approached Merryweather after the party, complimenting mister White on the company's work. The next weekend, Merryweather was hired as the main security force at Club-X. That marked the start of a long relationship.

A few months later, Martin White expanded operations with other brands under White Enterprises Holdings Inc. keeping Merryweather as the main one. It was untill August 5th, 2017 when White sold the exclusive rights to JGC over the Merryweather brand in San Anreas, with mister White himself being appointed as the CEO of the brand by JGC's president and shareholder - mister Jacob Goldsmith.

After the new JGC president, Katie Conway, stepped into office, mister Charlie Carter has been appointed as the active Director of Security under the mentorship of White himself. Helping out with day to day operations is the Assistant CEO, miss Scarlet Moore. The company has opened 28 new positions, including supervisory and command ones in both field and remote security. 


As of December 10th 2017, Merryweather launches its Christmas campaign "Merry Christmas with Merryweather" which ends on December 24th. During this time, all company services will be on a 20% discount.