A unique shopping experience

JGC Mall is a shopping mall in the heart of Los Santos. We are located in Downtown, near Idlewood park.
Come by for some shopping, dining, socializing and entertainment!

Featured Stores

Here's a few quality picks you'll find at our mall. For all stores, see full store listing.


Electronics, appliances, toys and more!



Fire protection store providing equipment for do-it-yourself home or business fire protection.


Hadley Designs | General Store

Everything from designer chairs to paintings! Go forth & be fabulous with HD General Store.


IMAX Theatre

Movie theater with the latest technology for your best movie experience!


Torque GT Auto Parts

Torque GT Auto Parts sell all sorts of parts for your need and even other electronics!



JGC Mall is situated in Downtown Los Santos, across from the park in Idlewood and near County General Hospital and Glen Park. JGC Mall offers a unique combination of international and luxury brands, dining experiences and entertainment. 

There are 39 shops, restaurants and offices spread across the mall. The mall features exclusive brands, fashion and lifestyle stores and a selection of pop-ups. The mall is easily accessible by public transport and have a great number of parking spots divided on an indoor parking garage and outdoor parking spots.