Press releases

Resignation of President Arianna Giordano

On June 1st 2018, Jacob Goldsmith Corporation had lost its the then acting President Miss Arianna Giordano after her sudden resignation from the position and her duties. After what seemed like a period of eternity, Jacob Goldsmith Corporation's shareholders decided to appoint a new President on 3rd June, 2018. 

Arrival of the new President Oswald Prescott

On June 3rd 2018, Jacob Goldsmith Corporation appointed a new face and a new name as the President of the company. Mister Oswald Prescott was a Lieutenant in the Los Santos Police Department and was serving his country in all the ways he could. After leaving the Department and leaving the country thereafter, He is now back to help Jacob Goldsmith Corporation get back on its own feet and to hold its flag up high, once again.

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Shares in JGC are now available for sale.

Interested parties are invited to submit their offers. All offers should contain full details about the buyer, the price offered per share, and how many shares you wish to buy. Please submit your offers by email to ((forum-PM Exciter)). The offers will the be mediated with the owner's of the shares currently for sale.

The asking price per share is currently set to $75,000. Shares are currently sold per percent. 1% = 1 share. Total number of shares is 100. The total number of shares currently available is not currently disclosed and may vary. Shares will generally be awarded based on highest bidder above asking price, but current shareholders reserve their right to also take into account other things such as, but not limited to, the potential buyer's match with JGC and the potential buyer's likelihood of positive contribution to JGC as a shareholder. We seek to ideally... Read more

Manjot Singh has been elected as the new President of JGC. As President he will be the most senior executive of the corporation and run day-to-day operations. He will start in his position immediately.

Mr. Singh has been in the corporation since August last year, he initially joined as Human Resource Manager. He was later nominated by the shareholders as Vice President, to which he fulfilled his duties till being elected as President of the corporation. 
“I am honoured to have the faith of the shareholders, I will use my past experiences in management and my ethical values to ensure that JGC will keep striving and going towards the right direction.”

The previous President, Katie Conway resigned on the 1st of January, to which she had to say; 
“I first joined JGC after applying for Club X CEO, Mr Goldsmith took a chance on me and made an Event Manager, two months later I was promoted to CEO, I then... Read more

He temporarily takes the place of Brooklyn Leach who was recently removed from her position due to her criminal activities. His extensive experience and his vision for the mall makes him a perfect fit for the CEO position until someone is able to takeover for the long term. Vice President Manjot Singh commented on Goldsmith's appointment by saying ''Unfortunately Miss Leach had to be removed from office, but I am certain that Jacob Goldsmith, with his experience, vision and work ethics, is able to keep the mall running efficiently and hand it over to a capable CEO who matches the vision and ideas that the corporation has with the mall.''

The applications for CEO of JGC Mall have officially opened as well. If you believe that you are the perfect fit for this position, please do not hesitate to apply.

Recently within Jacob Goldsmith Corporation we were bought with the decision of selecting new Directors for a President and Vice President.

Miss Katie Conway formerly known as the Chief Executive Officer of Club X alongside Vice President has been elected by the board of shareholders to take the position of President following Mr Goldsmiths retirement. “I am very excited to take what I have learned over the past one and a half years and assist the corporation to grow and blossom with the aim to innovate and create opportunities for the people of our glorious city” says Conway. Miss Conway has been involved in many management and leadership positions and has risen on the corporate ladder to get where she is today.

“Anything is possible when you put your mind to it, I went from a event manager at club x to the president of the entire corporation” says Miss Conway. 

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