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He temporarily takes the place of Brooklyn Leach who was recently removed from her position due to her criminal activities. His extensive experience and his vision for the mall makes him a perfect fit for the CEO position until someone is able to takeover for the long term. Vice President Manjot Singh commented on Goldsmith's appointment by saying ''Unfortunately Miss Leach had to be removed from office, but I am certain that Jacob Goldsmith, with his experience, vision and work ethics, is able to keep the mall running efficiently and hand it over to a capable CEO who matches the vision and ideas that the corporation has with the mall.''

The applications for CEO of JGC Mall have officially opened as well. If you believe that you are the perfect fit for this position, please do not hesitate to apply.

Recently within Jacob Goldsmith Corporation we were bought with the decision of selecting new Directors for a President and Vice President.

Miss Katie Conway formerly known as the Chief Executive Officer of Club X alongside Vice President has been elected by the board of shareholders to take the position of President following Mr Goldsmiths retirement. “I am very excited to take what I have learned over the past one and a half years and assist the corporation to grow and blossom with the aim to innovate and create opportunities for the people of our glorious city” says Conway. Miss Conway has been involved in many management and leadership positions and has risen on the corporate ladder to get where she is today.

“Anything is possible when you put your mind to it, I went from a event manager at club x to the president of the entire corporation” says Miss Conway. 

Also, Jacob Goldsmith Corporation further enhanced its... Read more

Los Santos, 8th of August 2017 – Jacob Goldsmith Corporation and Merryweather Security Consulting have decided to work together as exclusive rights have been sold to JGC by Merryweather Security Consulting, giving them the right to operate the brand in the state of San Andreas till 2019.

Current CEO Martin White still remains in charge of Merryweather Security Consulting, both JGC and Martin White own fifty percent of the shares.

Merryweather Security Consulting had officially started operations on the 17th of December 2014 with a capital of around twelve thousand. It had carried out a few small-time contracts before being hired by one of the mayor candidates. On January 11th, 2015, the company had earned enough to have its own independent office at Rodeo. After that, several contracts followed, along with many employees who joined the company

JGC and Merryweather have a long history together, as on the 25th of January, a party... Read more

Brooklyn Leach is stepping in as the new Chief Executive Officer of JGC Mall.

She takes the place of Louis Jackson who recently resigned from his position. Leach has worked at the mall for some time as head of marketing and manager for the IMAX theatre. Her extensive experience from the mall makes her a perfect fit for the CEO position. In a statement, president and founder of JGC, Jacob Goldsmith says: "Ms. Leach has already done impressive work at the mall and I am sure she can take the mall to new heights, making it the downtown hotspot and the first choice for shopping, that we want it to be. We have big plans for the mall in the times to come, and ms. Leach is the right person to carry these out."

Leach herself says that she hope to see the mall filled with people every day. "The mall is a place where people not only can buy what they need or want. It is also a place to hang out with friends, enjoy a cup of coffee and a bite... Read more

Hello everyone,

As some of you may know, these are the last days for me at the company headquarter. I will be riding off into the proverbial sunset to ultimately throw my energies into who-knows-what. Time is flying and I am starting an early retirement, to focus on smaller projects like the Royal San Andreas Golf Club.

In the short term I will be focusing on enjoying my family and friends, and simply enjoying every minutes of the life. I will enjoy golf, board meetings for JGC and simply living peacefully.

Importantly, the decision to leave has been entirely of my own making. The time is simply right for me to, at least temporarily, “hang up my boots, turn the camp oven upside down and pack away the prospecting gear”.

To all of the wonderful people whom I have had the opportunity to work with over the past almost 3 years - Thank You.

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