Aircraft Sales

We keep a stock of aircrafts for sale in our showroom hangar. We also offer to help import aircrafts after customer specifications. See our current stock, or request an aircraft import. Contact us for more information about aircraft sales, or to get a look at our current aircrafts for sale.

Private Charter

Need to get far, fast? No time for commercial airlines or in need of more privacy and comfort? Private charter is your answer. We offer private charters from and to your desired locations and at the time you decide. Our great pilots and cabin crew will take you quick and comfortable to your destination in one of the aircrafts in our fleet. Contact us for details.

Flight Crew

Do you own a private jet or other aircraft, but don't have the licenses to fly it? No problem. We offer both pilots and cabin crew that can take you to where you need to be, in your own aircraft. We supply aircraft owners and operators with on-demand flight crew. Contact us for details.

Special Mission

We offer special mission flights on private or government contracts. Examples of special missions: air ambulance (medivac), maritime surveillance, wildland inspection, aerial photography, pollution control.

Fleet Management

Do you own an aircraft? Or maybe several? We know that keeping aircrafts can be a lot of work. We therefore offer our services to take care of your aircrafts - so you don't need to - and have them ready and in good condition when you need them. If you wish, we can also include your aircraft in our charter fleet, to use when you are not using it, so that you can earn some money from your aircraft when it is just standing there. Contact us for details.

Aircraft Maintenance

Need maintenance or inspections done on your aircraft? Contact us to see how we can help.